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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dysfunctional to Functional

      Having a space that is disorganized and messy can be semi functional for some but for most this is a daunting task that keeps them from staying on task and conquering their day. Trust me, I know. I came from that place and believe me when I say this… I’m NEVER going back. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I wanted to clean my room and organize everything that I own but the second I looked at the mess, I gave it a shut eye and went to devour some hot Cheetos and watch an episode of Chicago Med. 

I turned to my mom & quickly realized she won’t be helping me. She gave me that “mom stare” and went about her day and I guess even at 26 that “mom stare” works. I quickly put on my Beats, blasted my music and got to cleaning. This time my cleaning routine was a bit different. I decided to take it upon myself and do a cleanse. I took the top 3 items in my room and made them into 3 sections: Books, Clothes, & Makeup.

 I fully accepted the time that I was about to do for making this rash (now amazing) decision of organizing my room. Check out the list that I have put together when it comes to the ultimate question: 

Do I keep? Or, do I throw? 

Papers and Notebooks: You’ll have to spend some quality time with your notebooks to get to where you want to be. Graduated? Great!! Now throw those notes out unless you plan on passing it on to your little sibling. Received an offer letter? Congrats on the job but definitely hold onto them for as long as you work at that company. 

BooksAny unread book that you have the intention to read in the next month, go ahead and keep it. Have a book you have already read? Good. At least you’re reading. Unless you plan on reading that same book twice in the next week, donate them! There are so many places you can donate books. Donate here. 

ClothesI’m a huge believer in donating rather than selling. Why sell when you can help change the life of so many? If it’s been anywhere from 1 year to 1 and a ½ years since you have worn that cute dress or that over sized sweater, then it’s time to donate. I love donating mine here 

MakeupI am a huge makeup addict. However, the bigger the addiction, the sooner you will have to clear out your stash or make space for more. The rule of thumb that I follow on my makeup collections is a chart that I live by that Jessica Cruel from POPSUGAR blog has come up with.  

*Makeup Tip: MAC Cosmetics has a fun and functional system set up. Take 6 MAC products that you have either almost used up or completely used up and they will recycle it for you. You also get a free lippy in return! Cool huh? Thanks for reading! 

Makeup Product
When to throw
Powder (including shadows)
2 Years
Cream Shadows and Blush
1 Year – 1 ½ Years
1 Year – 1 ½ Years
Lip gloss
1 ½ Year – 2 Years
Pencil Eyeliner
2 Years
Lipsticks and Lip Liners
1 Year
3 Months
Liquid/Gel Eyeliner
3 Months

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on a post you want to learn more about in my comments section below! 


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