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Monday, October 24, 2016

Bollywood Birthday

There are two parts to party planning: the beautiful end result and the production it takes to pull it off. I led my team and put together one of the biggest parties the Sharma Family has orchestrated aside from weddings. (Those Sharma weddings are something to see by the way!) I have had numerous people ask me to either plan their parties for them or they wonder how on Earth I plan these parties. Party planning is not that much of a daunting task that people seem to think it is. It is all about staying organized and being proactive.

Here is a short checklist that I put together that will help you navigate through your party planning process. No matter the type of party you plan on throwing this checklist will save your life!

  8-10 Weeks Before Your Party
       Guest list
       Set your Budget
       Set a date
       Location  - Start noting down a few places for your venue

 4-6 Weeks Before Your Party
       Set a Theme (Keep your special person in mind and be true to what they love)
                Tip: Send out Save the Date invites until you finalize your venue & let your guests know: "Formal Invitation to Follow". 
            Start picking out the cuisine you want to serve to your guests and start calling around
       Book your vendors

   3 Weeks Before Your Party
       Place your Cake order
           We went with a 2 Tier Chocolate and Vanilla cake with bright Bollywood colors from Publix

   2 Weeks Before Your Party
            We created a home video where all of the nieces and nephews recorded a personalized video, choreographed family dances to songs that are                       special to the birthday girl, and we hired a belly dancer.
       Party favors  - Start picking out your party favors according to your theme.
           Tip: Check out Pier 1 Imports!
       Start purchasing your cutlery and dinnerware
           Tip: Party City has a lot of discounts for these items

   1 Week Before Your Party
       Check on your MIA Guests
            Contact those who have not RSVPd, and find out if they are attending.
       Video/photos  - I hired a professional photographer and videographer (Linked below)
       Decorations  - These should be already purchased and ready to put up.

   The day of the Party
       Set up
           Tip: Use the full time the venue has allotted you. We had the venue from 6AM-2AM!
       Cake: Delegate someone to either deliver or pick up the cake. We had a family friend pick it up
       Cleanup Crew
            If you have not hired a clean up crew then be sure to bring large trash bags with you.
            Tip: Check your venue's clean up policy. Some may provide a clean up crew like ours did.

Insider tip*: If you don’t have your venue booked or are having a tough time finalizing things but don’t want your guests to book their calendars, send a save the date card. I partnered up with Evite.com and sent out a Save the Date Evite and followed it up with a formal invitation. Take a look at what I sent out: 

Add some special effects to your party! I rented a special effects uplighting from: Rentmywedding.com 

Meet my team of amazing vendors! (L-R: JUMO Entertainment Mobin, Paras Thaker, Dholi Jazz)

I hope you enjoyed meeting my amazing vendors just as much as I enjoyed working with each of them! If you are interested in booking them for any of your events, feel free to contact them below using their tags. 

Entertainment: DJ Mobin - JuMo Entertainment
Dholi: Dholi Jazz
Bellydancer: Maria Martinova (678) 206-3469
Photography & Videography: Paras Thaker
Thank You Tags: BohemianWoods
Jewelry boxes: Pier 1 Imports


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