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Monday, February 6, 2017

Fitness 101 | Motivation

By no means am I a Fitness Trainer but I am becoming a fitness junkie. I started my journey to weight loss in February 2015. No one saw me as being "fat" but I did. After college is when I gained more weight and since then I became uncomfortable in how my clothes fit, my mentality, and my motivation was nonexistent.

I tried every possible gym in my area from Planet Fitness to Lifetime and none of them helped me stick to my weight loss goal. I eventually joined LA Fitness and hired a personal trainer and I haven't regretted a single second of that decision!

Here are some motivational tips that have helped me continue to lose weight. I hope these help you too!

1). Hire a Fitness Trainer if you can! Trainers aren't just there to yell at you and push you till you break. They are your partner, chances are they have been through what you are going through so they can relate and they understand what it takes to get you to your goal. Trainers keep you accountable. Accountability is my first driver.

2). Find some fashionable gear. Working out is not about looking good while you work out. Although, it doesn't hurt to look cute either! Wearing workout clothes that I am comfortable in and feel good in makes me want to work out even harder and makes me feel good from the inside as well.

3). Set a long term goal but at the same time set multiple short term goals as well. For example, your long term goal is to lose 40 pounds but your short term goal is losing 2% body fat by a certain time or you will jog/run for 15 minutes every day or on the days that you are not at the gym. Find smaller goals that are measurable. Again, something to hold yourself accountable to.  

4). Surround yourself with positive, up lifting, like-minded individuals. Being around those that are always forcing you to eat that one extra fried mozzarella stick don't truly understand your lifestyle change. Be around those that are up lifting, encouraging, and motivating. 

5). Find someone on social media to look up to. This is a great way to stay motivated and get new ideas on how to change up your workout. I follow krissycela on Instagram! 

6). Take progress pictures!! This is the best way to see the progress that you have made and once you see that progress you'll become hungry for more! Sometimes I will change the wallpaper on my phone to my progress picture during my workouts to keep me fueled up!

7). Give yourself something to look forward to. It can be a trip or a family event or a huge life event for yourself. The more things you give your mind to look forward to the easier it becomes to keep going!

I hope these tips have helped you like they are still helping me. I can't wait to hear about your progress! Tag me on Insta with #themodernindian or comment below! Good Luck and remember that this is a workout journey so it takes a lot of time and patience to get to your goal. Never give up!


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