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Monday, February 13, 2017

Top 5 February Favorites

The month of endless love is finally here! The need to look great for your date night out for Valentine's day can be stressful. You may be celebrating your very first valentine's day or this may be your tenth with with your hunny. Either way, I'm sure my Top 5 February Favorites will soon be on your list of must haves! 

1. Root Volumizer by KEUNE: I was introduced to this product by a sweet Afghan friend of mine who has beautiful hair! At first I was unsure of how to even use it since I am not the best person for styling hair. This product is magic! I am crazy for volume so this is a must have! Section out your wet hair and spray this on your roots and let the blow dryer and hair brush do the rest of the work! It has never left my hair crunchy nor does it weigh my hair down. I can run my fingers through it and still keep the volume! 9/10 in my book!

2. Tarte Maracuja Oil: Most may add a few drops of this onto their beauty blender prior to applying their foundation. However, I use this mostly on my lips which gives them a soft, shiny, healthy sheen to them each time. Maracuja oil is great as an anti-inflammatory and it keeps the moisture in your skin as well. The oil will give you a shinier look on your face if you're into that. I personally am not which is why I matte it down with MACs Skin finish powder. 

3. Tarte CC under eye corrector (Light-Medium): This is the most recent Tarte product that I have been using and it is a 10 out of 10 in my books because it is so lightweight! When I'm out and about on weekends I also add a little bit of Tarte's Shape Tape and blend the two together for a heavier coverage. If you're on the go or heading to the gym and don't want to look like you have heavy/dark circles under your eyes- this is a must try! A little goes a long way with this product!

4. Tarte's Lifted Mascara: This is one of Tarte's newest products from their Athletic line. I've used mascaras from Dior, MAC, and from Tarte themselves. This specific formula of mascara has not only lifted my lashes and given me volume, it also prevents "Panda Eyes" for me. (Panda Eyes is when your mascara gives you a massive fall out under your eyes). It's an all around mess trying to clean up the "Panda Eyes"!! Try this Lifted mascara and see for yourselves! I have not regretted this product and I know you won't either! 

5. Tarte's Pearly Girl whitening pen: This pen is 100% Vegan for starters. There are absolutely no harsh chemicals and it does the job. Take it from the girl who absolutely hates going to the Dentist. I've tried the $50 whitening strips and the $30 whitening toothpastes and they all have failed me. I have spent roughly $20 for this whitening pen and my teeth show a significant difference. Use it once a day or use it 4 times a day. Your call!

I'm sure you will love all of these products! Comment below or tag me on Insta with #themodernindian and let me know your thoughts! 

Happy Valentine's Week!

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