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Monday, September 25, 2017

F E N T Y Foundation | REVIEW

Unless you have been living under some rock far away across the world you have probably seen and heard that Rihanna just launched her makeup line & it is nothing short of astounding! She dropped a whopping 40 shades of Foundation and she did not disappoint. I'm not going to lie, when this line first came out I was skeptical of it thinking that it was just another celebrity throwing her name on a fancy looking product. As someone who has a Master's in Marketing, I'm a sucker for packaging, fonts, colors, and textures. The FENTY packaging did not disappoint! Everything about her external packaging exudes edginess, class, and empowerment. Moving on to her foundation bottle packaging, this too did not disappoint as the bottles have a frosty matte texture that compliment the matte shades. Rihanna's foundations are soft matte so it was only fitting to have a matte look for the bottles. 

Indian women are definitely blessed with many striking features but those dark circles [and uneven skin tones on most Indian women] are not our friends. I for one am not a fan of my dark circles and uneven skin tone around my eyes so I am always on the hunt to find a way to correct/cover them as needed.

I ended up caving to help my dark circles out and I finally matched with Shade 300! This foundation does have a slight yellow undertone to it and I was pretty hesitant after trying it on but I gave it a couple of hours and noticed that yes, it does oxidize.

My shade did darken a little bit and the yellow undertone subsided [for my skin tone]. The biggest plus for me was that this foundation covered up a good portion of my dark circles without any concealer! It is light enough to wear for weekend errands but still allows for a build-able coverage. 

TIP: [1-2 Pumps is sufficient for regular wear]

Did I also mention that it is light weight even to the touch? Everyone touches their face throughout the day and I was just as guilty, but every time I washed my hands, I would notice the foundation wash off from my hands as well. Gross... I know! FENTY foundation is so lightweight that I don't have this problem anymore and my skin feels like it can breathe and here's a win: I feel like I'm not wearing a huge cake on my face either! 

Check out my before and after below and you can get your shade here! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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