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Monday, September 25, 2017

The Brown Girl's Guide to Color Correcting

Purple, Green, Brown, Orange, Red and Yellow. What do all of these colors mean and which one am I even supposed to use?! What are all these colors for? Do they actually work? How do I know which color I'm supposed to use?! I found myself asking these questions a few years ago each time I walked into Sephora. 

If you haven't read my latest post yet, I mentioned how women of color are blessed with striking features but most of us are not quite as blessed when it comes to dark circles and uneven skin tones. I used to wear red lipstick under my eyes and blend it out and cover it up with foundation but that was a big no-no but hey! You live and you learn right. 

I chose to go with Make Up For Ever's No. 5 Color Correcting Palette which is ideal for most skin tones. So, what do these colors mean and what magic do they possess?! Keep reading to find out!

Red/Orange will be an Indian woman's best friend. It helps to neutralize any blueness showing from your veins. Don't apply this to your minor blemishes as you'll start to look yellow. No one wants to walk around looking yellow. Use your red/orange magic color to hide those heavy dark circles.  

Lavender is your answer for any yellow undertones you may naturally possess, hides minor dark circles, and brightens up your skin tone. Use on: your forehead and your chin!

For all my ladies who have redness anywhere on their face, maybe from a stubborn pimple mark who just can't seem to part with your beautiful face, or you're just naturally rosy cheeked, this mint green is perfect to cover up all of those things. Use on: your cheeks or around your nose.  

Now, for those blessed with skin that does not require much color correcting, these 2 neutral shades are perfect to hide those slight discolorations left behind from a pimple or some minor redness or use it as an eye shadow primer and you're good to go!
If this is your first time purchasing color correctors, I would ask myself: "What am I trying to conceal and correct? My dark circles and redness?" Then I would suggest you stick with orange/red and mint colors first. This way you don't have to buy the entire palette and you can just get the stand alone colors! 

Let me know your thoughts on which brand you have used and what you love the most about your brand versus others out there! 

Until next time... 

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