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Monday, January 29, 2018

Wedding Series | I'M ENGAGED!

Well as you may already know I'M ENGAGED! It's crazy to think that I'm a Fiancé! It has been a whirlwind of emotions these past few months. Now that the craziness is settling from the engagement and before the wedding planning really kicks in, it was only fair to share our Proposal story with our loved ones and followers!

In the Indian/Pakistani culture, a baat pakki is customary. This is when both families meet and the boy's family brings a proposal to the girl's home and the girl's family will then accept with the blessings of our elders & loved ones. For us, this was on November 11, 2017. Keeping this a secret was so hard for us as we were busy planning our engagement ceremony which would be on January 6, 2018. With all this planning, I was slightly bummed that I wouldn't get my dream proposal. Little did I know, my friends and family were planning my dream proposal since October 2017.

Fast forward to January 3, 2018...

Samir had told me that his company was hosting a Holiday party at their headquarters in Chicago. Since we couldn't make it there, his company said we can go out and have a fancy dinner on their dime. Since I LOVE Thai food, Samir suggested Nan Thai in Midtown.

Throughout the day, Samir texted me early on saying that he has given my ring to the jeweler to resize it. This eliminated every doubt in my mind of a proposal happening. He also said that he was feeling a bit under the weather and if we can just postpone the fancy dinner.

On my way to Buckhead that evening, I coincidentally called one of my girl's Anum and told her I was in the area and let's meet up! We agreed to meet her and her husband at The Peachtree Club with our other friends Aliza and her hubby. I kept checking Google maps and then realized that it was already 7PM and TPC closes at 7:30PM and our reservations for Nan were for 7:30PM! I called Anum and told her that we should probably cancel meeting at TPC and go straight to dinner since it since we're cutting it so close to time. [We ended up changing our minds and wanted to take advantage of this fancy dinner] Her hubby said don't worry! The Manager is super chill and he's letting us hang out until you guys get here! Looking back it's funny that I had all these clues but still didn't pick up on any of it...

Throughout our Uber ride to TPC, Samir kept saying "who the hell goes to a fancy place like this on a Wednesday? Payal... don't get used to this!" I kept telling Samir I'm all for skipping this and going right to dinner. What a dumb plan this was to meet up at TPC first!

We get upstairs and the Manager says hello and I look around and there's NO ONE there. Completely empty (yet gorgeous!) I keep calling Anum but this girl never picked up. Samir said he was going to use the restroom so I was left alone waiting... I then see my other girlfriend Zainab and her hubby walk upstairs and they looked surprised to see me. I said: "Hey! I didn't know you 2 were coming tonight too!" It wasn't unordinary for them to show up as well since we all hung out together so much. I didn't catch on to anything here either... 

Samir comes back and kept asking the Manager if we could see the patio outside. The Manager was already instructed from earlier in the day to push back a few times and say no when we ask to see the patio. (smart man Samir...) At this point, Anum STILL isn't answering my calls and my best friend Lissette was texting me selfies from work saying how she's so over it and can't wait to get home. [Later, I found out that she already took these selfies to send to me throughout the evening so I did not suspect her either. Smart woman Lisa....]

Finally, the Manager agrees after he sees me getting super irritated and hangry! Samir and I walk towards the patio and he opens the door and it opens up to this STUNNING view of the entire city of Atlanta lit up and sparkling all around and I see all of my favorite pictures of Samir & I blown up around the patio! Cue the waterworks here and after all the years of sacrifices and compromises and hard work, I just felt so overwhelmed with emotions of joy and success. We made it! We finally made it here today. Together!

Samir popped the question that I was waiting YEARS to hear and right as I said YES, all of our friends [yes, including Anum who never answered her phone!] and my brothers and cousins and my brother in law come running out of nowhere and cue my waterworks again! I couldn't believe my eyes that my friends & family made this happen and that my MOM kept this a secret for so long! Anyone who knows her knows that she can never keep a secret!

To know that my Fiancé worked so hard to book out the entire Peachtree Club after hours just for me, he was able to get all of my closest friends and our family there and all I ever wanted was a city view. Knowing that my bestie and Samir made that happen; it all means so much to me and more than anyone can ever imagine. To know that we finally made it and hello! I got my DREAM RING! I couldn't be more blessed and thankful to our families, friends, and above all God.

We are so excited to celebrate our Wedding with all of our loved ones in OCTOBER 2018!

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Stay tuned for more wedding planning posts! If you have any suggestions that you want to know more about throughout our wedding process, feel free to comment below!

Special Thanks:
Lissette - for working so hard to find the venue of my dreams to make this happen!
To our friends and family that made it all the way out for us: THANK YOU so much for making my dream proposal so incredibly special!


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