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Hello - Namaste - Salaam & Welcome to my Blog! 

I'm so glad that you're here! I am an Event Planner, full-time Corporate professional, full-time Graduate student, Entrepreneur, and Blogger.

The Modern Indian is a journey that can be relatable to many Indian Americans in today's society. It is all about how I manage the daily life challenges as an Indian - American daughter who has grown up in the modern day world but still holding on to the traditional values and growing up in a joint family and still finding time to have some fun, and I want to share my insight with you all!

Growing up in a joint family and catering to 3 different generations definitely comes with a laundry list of expectations and desires. Managing the title of being the first daughter and the pressures of the Indian culture and Indian society where being 26 and not married is practically a one-way ticket to doom yet keeping the American culture in mind, you also want to be self-sufficient, independent, and successful.

Luckily for me, I come from a crazy family where my mom is dying to get me married, a father that wants me to focus on my education, one aunt that wants me married off just like my mother and another aunt that wants me to conquer the corporate seas and an uncle that is pretty much my ride or die. So how exactly do I manage to keep my sanity?

Well...hang tight & Welcome to The Modern Indian Blog where I share my life's craziest moments and how I manage to stay organized, sane, and happy through it all! 

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on a post you want to learn more about in my comments section below! 

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